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They out here praying on the weak trying to sell granny a new multi charger for her dope ear buds, but granny ain’t having it! #baltimore

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All about that mod life! #wtf

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love this tattooed beautys -

here only adultFREE pics only !!!! Please submitt if you have some hot tattooed to share.
Titts and Tats you can find here ->

#tattoo #tatted #tats #tat

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More dog snaps

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From a kneecap in 8 pieces to a wired together knee cap! 2 weeks after surgery and it’s healing great and ahead of schedule! #simmsbroke #shatteredkneecap #8piecekneecap #wiredtogether #readytogetbacktowork #PTinamonth

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Well just ate my last meal and took my last shower and then it’s off to surgery at 6am tomorrow to get this gnarly shattered knee put back together again… Wish me luck! #simmsbroke #iwillbebackbeforeyouknowit #surgery #shatteredkneecap See y’all tomorrow!!

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And this is how you shatter a knee cap!! @jelloc82 that’s one fast ass scooter!!! 😂😂😂 and now we wait to see what’s next.

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